Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Paid Gigs-Promotion and Convention Work

Here is the latest..

Upcoming Events for Brand Ambassadors ($100 flat rate for 5-6 hours)

Date Location Contact
4/14 Arizona State U. elizabeth@bmtpromo.com
4/21 University of Illinois staffing@bmtpromo.com
4/22 Purdue staffing@bmtpromo.com
4/24 Ohio State staffing@bmtpromo.com
4/27 West Virginia University events@bmtpromo.com
4/28 Atlanta (Athletic types only) matt@bmtpromo.com
4/30 Virginia Commonwealth University staffing@bmtpromo.com
5/1 Bethesda, MD (Athletic types only) staffing@bmtpromo.com

Upcoming Events for Promo Models($24 an hour) and BAs ($16 an hour)
4/16 and 4/17 Palm Springs matt@bmtpromo.com
4/23-4/25 Concord, NC matt@bmtpromo.com (hotel provided)
4/30-5/1 Birminhgam, AL matt@bmtpromo.com (hotel provided)

Upcoming Convention Staff ($10-$12 an hour) (No BAs or Models Needed)
San Francisco April 24-29 events@bmtpromo.com
Atlanta May 16-20 events@bmtpromo.com
Atlanta May 26-June 3 events@bmtpromo.com

Please put the city/location of the event(s) you want to work in the subject of your emails to us.

No hotel unless it says hotel provided. No gas money or flights provided for any events.


  1. I applied for the Ohio event I keep getting emails to apply but I already applied.

  2. When will you all have a promotion in Houston, TX? I always get notifications for other areas.