Thursday, April 1, 2010

April and May Promotions and Conventions

Upcoming Events for Brand Ambassadors ($16 an hour)

City/Location Dates Contact
Peoria, AZ April 8
Tempe AZ April 14
U of Illinois April 21
Purdue University April 22
Atlanta, GA April 28

Upcoming Events for Promo Models($24 an hour) and BAs ($16 an hour)
LA Beer Fest April 10
Concord, NC April 23-25
Birmingham, AL April 30-May 1

Upcoming Convention Staff ($10-$12 an hour) (No BAs or Models Needed)
Anaheim April 14-21
San Francisco April 24-29
Atlanta May 16-20
Atlanta May 26-June 3

Please put the city/location of the event(s) you want to work in the subject of your emails to us.
No travel money, locals only please

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