Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog moving to our website.

Please be sure to stay posted to all the goings on of BMT Promotions and Talent on the blog page of our new updated website here... Our new site

PS We realize that goings on is not a real word, or even a real two words.

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  1. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! I worked at the Drive4Copd NASCAR event November 11,12,&13, and still have yet to be paid. I am a young working mom, and don't have the extra time for people like this dishing out their load of BS. I contacted them several times and received nothing more than a pay delay e-mail. When threatening to take legal action they only responded by basically saying they would pay me eventually, and had no idea when this would actually happen. It has been about six month since this job, and I also keep know personally of two other people who worked for the same event and still haven't been paid. I HATE BMT! If you are like me e-mail me at We should start a class action lawsuit against their breach of contract.