Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is going on with BMT- A Bunch!

Good Afternoon ladies, gentlemen....others,

We have many jobs coming up that we want to tell you about but first we thought this would be a great time to let everyone know all the exciting things going on here at the home office in Little Five Points-Atlanta-GA.

First of all, we want to bring you up to speed on the people on the BMT Core Team:

Marcus Collier is our new Operations Manager. Marcus brings years of experience in the event world, specifically in the areas of staffing and food and beverage. Marcus walks softly, carries a medium sized stick and brings a great sense of balance to BMT. He will oversee the staffing department and help us continue to improve and implement systems which make us efficient and effective.

Candace Williford will continue to staff events with her zest for life and can-do attitude. She always finds the best and the brightest out there. If you are lucky, you may get to see her do one of her many "happy dances".

Kari Frea continues to be our Office Manager and handle all logistics.  Also, if we need something done, and if it fits in no set department, Kari can handle it. Without Kari, there is no BMT.

We have had Charleston Edwards on loan from his company for the last few months, Harmonious Events. He has run the last couple of large conventions for us and has helped us raise our game to even higher levels. We already have him on the books for a few more events later this year.

We staffed Cisco Partner Summit 2011 in New Orleans a few weeks ago and hired 175 people for 4 days. It was an amazing event. We impressed even ourselves with the level of commitment, love, care and service that the team brought to over 4,000 attendees. (Click this photo for a closer look).

In the next few weeks, we are staffing events at:

  • Racetracks in Talladega, Martinsville, and Richmond 
  • Some on-campus events at The University of Kansas, Michigan State, and UNC. 
  • Conferences in Atlanta and Houston. 
  • Additional promotions are taking place in Jacksonville and Dallas.
If you are not already on board, what are you waiting for?  We want to invite you work with us. Ask those that do, they can tell you that we offer more than just a paycheck. We offer a chance to raise your standards, be more than you thought you could be, offer life lessons which will pay dividends at future jobs and have you work with some pretty amazing people.

If you live in any of the above cities, and are not yet on our email list, email staffing@bmtpromo.com and mention that you saw this blog and want more information.

Then go to the contact page on our website and sign up for free email blasts whenever we have work coming to your town.

Last thing, if you are in the Chicago area, we will once again be at this year's Event Marketing Summit May 16-18, 2011. If you want a chance to say hello to us in person, let us know.

Thanks for checking in with us, see you real soon.

Matt Davis
BMT Promotions and Talent


  1. Great experience! BMT rocks!!!

  2. BMT is a great promotion and staffing company. I've had the opportunity to work several events with BMT and I have been highly impressed with the management team's professionalism and attention to details.

    Sharon Meeks DeBouse
    HR, Management & Talent Acquisition Professional

  3. I loved working with BMT !! I am waiting for up coming events in the SF Bay Area!!

  4. Just came across your company and look forward to hearing about upcoming events! I have worked many jobs as a brand ambassador and hope to have an opportunity to work for BMT!!!